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March 2017
Demonsration by Graham Brookes

A demonstartion of hollowing using the Simon Hope hollowing system, and a more traditional approach.
Hollow form.

Graham starts with a branch of green Ash of about 250mm long and 120mm diameter.
Using a bowl gouge Graham roughs down the log to round working from one end to the other.
Turn a spigot to suit gripper jaws and remount using gripper jaws with support from the tailstock.
Graham starts to shape the vessel using a bowl gouge, he uses the swept back wings a lot for shaping.
Graham then uses a drill chuck, with a standard twist bit of about 12mm to drill to the required depth, reducing the speed to 350 rpm to drill. Graham then shows us how to set up the Simon Hope hollowing rig.
Starting near the drilled hole Graham sets the speed to 1000rpm.
The tool makes easy work of the hollowing. It is amazing how fast it is.
Graham uses a very small led light which attaches to the toolrest to illuminate the inside.
Stop and check the jaws for tightness on a regular basis, and to vacuum out the shavings which will accumulate inside.
Graham keeps going with frequent shaving removal and checking the wall thickness with calipers.
To tidy up any ridges inside Graham swaps the bar to a scraper type cutter.
Graham does a final cut to the outside and then sands.
Graham now parts off the vessel using a parting tool.
Part to almost all the way through whilst supporting it with your free hand, then stop the lathe and saw off the rest.
Now use the waste still in the chuck to form a jamb chuck.
Fit the vessel to the jamb chuck and use a piece of tissue paper to help protect the work.
Bring up the tailstock for light support.
Face off the base using a spindle gouge, and slightly undercut for stability.
Add some detail to the base. A quick sand. Voila! Now just apply the finish of your choice.

Project 2

Rough down a spindle blank, form a spigot to suit the gripper jaws. Graham now parts off approx. ⅓.
Using the ⅔ piece Graham starts to hollow using a spindle gouge.
Continue to hollow from the centre outwards, this way you will be working with the grain. Graham uses the mini led light to illuminate the interior.
Graham then uses a Simon Hope standard hollowing tool and finally a negative rake scraper to give a good finish.
Then form a small rebate to locate the lid.
Next mount the ⅓ piece in the chuck and start to hollow out the lid. Using a similar method. Now form the rebate accurately to fit the base.
Lots of checking with the lathe switched off.
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