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February 2017
Demonsration by Margaret Garrard

Unusual projects from professional woodturner and Jorvik member.

Small pen holder.
Rough down a cube of Oak to form a cylinder. Turn a spigot to each end and form a small dovetail to suit the chuck jaws. Check blank is true in the chuck by bringing the tailstock to make sure. Mark out using the thirds principle. Drill out the pen holder hole using a forstner bit, check the depth required before starting. Face off the endgrain using a spindle gouge. Round the inside edge off using the swept wing spindle gouge. Start to round the corners off to give the desired profile. Use a spindle gouge to round the bottom section in a similar fashion. Margaret sets up to drill a series of holes on the centre line. Drill the holes carefully ensuring even spacing. Using superglue glue in coloured pencils into the holes. Cut the pencils off almost flush. Now once the glue is fully dry turn down the pencil stubs and form the final shape. Remove the pot from the lathe and form a bung to enable reverse chucking. Pull up the tailstock for support. Start to turn the base. Slightly undercut the base still with the tailstock in-place. Remove the little centre pimple if the fit is snug. Carefully sand the base. Apply a finish of your choice.

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