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April 2017
Demonsration by Gerry Marlow

An interesting and inspiring demonstartion by professional woodturner Gerry Marlow.
Fun and details with resin.
Incorporating resin into turning. Gerry started by showing us lots of examples of resin finishes and resin ideas.

Gerry turns a disc and faces it off to a flat surface, then mounts a metal working tool rest assembly onto the lathe to create all the slots, later to be filled with resin.

Resin 2 pack epoxy with added softener and gloss enhancer. 5g resin to 1g hardener. Gerry mixes 50g and 10g and mixes well, whilst trying not to create bubbles.

Gerry showed how to mix the very runny resin, he then added colour and poured blue and black. The resin will take 24 hours to cure but is only workable after 7 days. Here’s one I made earlier!

Gerry mounts a resin filled blank in the lathe and scrapes the surface, this is an extremely noisy process.

Gerry now uses a special table mounted in the banjo to route the coves which meet in the centre. Using the indexing system Gerry routes a series of slots to form the decoration. Using a thin parting tool Gerry separates the shaped lid.

The remaining piece now becomes the base. Measure for the lid and form a small rebate to accept it, then hollow the centre, using a bowl gouge. Adjust the rebate to the top edge to fit the scalloped lid. Once you push the lid in it is impossible to get out, so a hole is formed . Reverse mount in the gripper jaws. Start to shape the base using bowl gouge. Once happy with the final shape sand.

Project 2

Clear casting resin.
A little box. Turn to round, part off the lid.

Drill out main part of box with spindle gouge, hollow the inside, then shape the outside. Part off with a slight undercut. Gerry shows how to fit the lid. Reverse mount the lid and turn a recess for the resin. Once the glue has dried, part off the block and shape, then sand.

Project 3
A quick candle stick. Turn to round form the bowl. Then set off centre. It’s better to look at the photos of this as its almost impossible to describe concisely.

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